Article 2 – Bending-induced isostructural transitions in ultrathin layers of van der Waals ferrielectrics

Abstract: Using Landau-Ginzburg-Devonshire (LGD) phenomenological approach we analyze the bending-induced re-distribution of electric polarization and field, elastic stresses and strains inside ultrathin layers of van der Waals ferrielectrics. We consider a CuInP2S6 (CIPS) thin layer with fixed edges and suspended central part, the bending of which is induced by external forces. The unique aspect of […]

Article 1 – The strain-induced transitions of the piezoelectric, pyroelectric, and electrocaloric properties of the CuInP2S6 films

Abstract: Low-dimensional ferroelectrics, ferrielectrics, and antiferroelectrics are of urgent scientific interest due to their unusual polar, piezoelectric, electrocaloric, and pyroelectric properties. The strain engineering and strain control of the ferroelectric properties of layered two-dimensional van der Waals materials, such as CuInP2(S,Se)6 monolayers, thin films, and nanoflakes, are of fundamental interest and especially promising for their […]