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Graphene Energy Ltd

The Graphene Energy Ltd is a company founded in February 2022 in Wroclaw. The main course of activities is commercialization of the solutions related to the use of graphene-based catalysts for the conversion of carbon dioxide to methanol. The company develop production technology of graphene and its derivatives, as well as composites based on these structures. At present, intensive works are carried out on graphene catalysts (in form of layers, ceramics, foams and composites) and the study of their interaction with infrared light. Composites based on thermoplastic polymers (for 3D printing), paints and varnishes are also being developed. In order to obtain high-quality graphene and graphene oxide, the company’s employees developed a technology for producing graphene from graphite, allowing for an efficient and cheap way to obtain large amounts of the material. Second area of activity is development of materials that can be used in different energy harvesting applications. The company work also on customized materials prepared for its customers, for specific applications.

Dr. Pawel Gluchowski

Team Leader

A graduate of the Wrocław University of Technology (M. Sc. Eng. in Material Engineering), Institute of Low Temperature and Structural Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences (Physics, PhD degree) and Wrocław University of Economics (postgraduate studies in project management, Prince 2 certificate). Leader of three national projects and main contractor in eight national and two international projects (FP7, H2020), where he dealt with both research on innovative materials and project management. Author more than 80 international publications, 1 monograph and 4 patents (all international). Many scientific stays resulted in international cooperation with the Universities across the world and the development of a new class of optical and magnetic materials. During his research he also start cooperation with industrial partners to find best application for developed materials. Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer in three spin-off company dealing with commercialization of discovered and patented innovative magnetic soft materials.